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The professy will help!

Will write essays for food. And sometimes fic.

16 October 1985
the professy will help!
Clare; 23; queer female; Northern scum; professional nerd PhD student

perpetual student and born academic, interested in: media studies new and old; disciplines that make people say "that's not a real subject"; game studies; Old English poetry; sf&f; gothic fictions; reflexive metafictional wank; reader-response theory; audience studies; fan studies; building critical theories that might actually be useful; new forms of fiction; not-realist texts; pure mathematics; learning languages

incurable fan, who spends an inordinate amount of time: writing character studies disguised as porn (or possibly porn disguised as character studies); starting meta discussions; searching for awesome fic and fanart

Somehow managed to work out a thesis topic that combines the two.

My default setting is tl;dr and tmi, and I do my best to enable it in others.
I think entirely too much about things, and then talk entirely too much about what I think.

I am always interested. Whether or not I am always interesting is another matter.

fan beats man
Current fandoms: Ace Attorney; Death Note; Final Fantasy VII and VIII; Fire Emblem 9/10; Harry Potter; Ouran High School Host Club; Temeraire

Favourite characters: (Ace Attorney) Edgeworth; Klavier; Franziska; Daryan (Death Note) L; Light; Misa; Matsuda; Soichiro (Final Fantasy) Zack; Tseng; Squall; Irvine (Fire Emblem) Sephiran; Soren; Naesala; Reyson; Ike (Harry Potter) Snape; McGonagall; Ron (Ouran) Kyouya; Kasanoda; Ranka (Temeraire) Granby; Jane Roland; Laurence; Iskierka

Favourite ships: (Ace Attorney) Daryan/Klavier; Phoenix/Edgeworth; Franziska/Ema; Franziska/Maya; Edgeworth/Klavier (Death Note) L/Light (Final Fantasy) Zack/Tseng; Squall/Irvine; Squall/Seifer (Fire Emblem) Sephiran/Zelgius; Elincia/Lucia; Ike/Soren; Naesala/Tibarn/Reyson (Harry Potter) too many to list (Ouran) Kyouya/Tamaki (Temeraire) Granby/Laurence

perhaps some kind of deathclock

please find enclosed:
thesis angst
tales of not-particularly-daring exploits
attempts at photography

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